Do It Yourself Wedding Invitations

If you want to make your own wedding invitations, but arent sure whats involved or where to begin, were here to help! We have all the materials and resources youll need to create beautiful, personal DIY wedding invitations. Below youll learn more about our extensive collection of paper and envelopes, decorative embellishments, crafting tools, and online resources that will help you through the invitation process.

Early in the wedding planning process, make sure to see our Wedding Checklist & Stationery Timeline with an overview of when to do what for all things wedding.

Paper & Envelopes Our collection of high quality cover weight cards and envelopes are perfect for invitations. Available in our exclusive color palette, you can mix and match as our colors are meant to complement each other. We also have a variety of whites so you can achieve just the right look.

Here are our white papers in order from the lightest/brightest white to the creamiest white (deepest color): Pure White - the brightest white paper we carry Eco-White - a standard white paper with 100% recycled content and 30% post-consumer waste Superfine White - a very light cream paper Superfine Soft White - a creamy paper, also referred to as ivory paper

If you want to get more familiar with our color palette, order our handy dandy Swatchbook with paper samples of our entire line.

How much paper to order We recommend ordering 20-25% above the final amount that you need so you have plenty of extra material for practice and in case of mistakes. For example, if you need to make 100 wedding invitations, we recommend ordering 125 flat cards and 120 envelopes.

Recycled paper We know a green wedding is important to many brides, so were proud to say that our collection of paper and envelopes will help you create wonderful invitations in an eco-friendly way. Our colored cards, envelopes and enclosures are recycled with 30% post-consumer waste. Our Luxe Fino papers are recycled with 30% post-consumer waste and 20% cotton. And our eco-white paper is 100% recycled with 30% post-consumer waste paper.

Embossed Printable Invitations In addition to our solid color flat cards we also have a selection of beautiful embossed printable invitations. These cards feature designs that are blind embossed onto the card creating a luxurious raised image. These are elegant and easy to print at home, and can still work with our envelopes and enclosures. Many of these designs also have coordinating embossed thank you notes or stationery, perfect to use as wedding stationery.

Designing Invitations The layout of your text is important in defining the style of your invitation. Think about whether you want to incorporate artwork or decorative icons either printed or through rubber stamps, or if your invitation will feature only text. Also consider how formal or traditional your event will be, which might guide your design decisions. Finally, figure out your invitation wording by looking at wedding invitation samples and searching online.

Once you have a basic idea you can create a template to your invitation card size. Type out your invitation, then start playing with the following elements: Font & Treatment = A font can dramatically change the look of your invitation and can turn a diy invitation into a professional looking masterpiece. Your word processing program will have default fonts, but there is also a wide variety of fonts available both free and to purchase online (try websites like dafont.com for downloadable fonts). Experiment with different fonts, font combinations (try using two different fonts), and treatment (italics, uppercase, lowercase) to see what suits your taste. Font Size = Your font size will determine how your text fills the space of your invitation card. You can also use varying font sizes to highlight different parts of the text (e.g. the bride and grooms names are typically in a larger font). Inks = Your word processing program will have a few ink color options. Think about your invitation package as a whole, other decorative elements such as paper or ribbon you might be using, and select an ink color that complements your overall color scheme. Alignment = Although a center alignment has traditionally been the way a wedding invitation is formatted, you see many invitations using a right or left justified layout. You even see wedding invitations that use a combination of alignments. Again your alignment will help decide how you fill the space. Line Spacing = Spacing between lines is an important finishing detail. You want your lines not too far apart and not too close together - find a balance thats pleasing to the eye and that works within your invitation space.